shi hualong


Shi Hualong, a male member of the Hui ethnic group, was born in Longnan, Gansu Province, and also a Communist Party member, Master of Fine Arts Education, Associate Professor of Theory and Basic Research Department, Institute of Fine Arts and Design. He is at the same time a Director of Gansu Youth Artists Association and Consultant of Gansu University Students' Calligraphy and Painting Art Alliance.

From 1992 to 1996, he studied Chinese painting in the Academy of Fine Arts, Northwest University for Nationalities and gained a bachelor's degree. From 2002 to 2004, he studied in the Department of Fine Arts and Modeling, Russian National Normal University, and afterwards gained a master's degree in Fine Arts Education. He has worked in Lanzhou University Art College since 1996. From 1999 to 2000, he studied decoration art and design at Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts. In 2002, he studied in the Russian Department of Beijing Language and Culture University.

In the field of education and research:

Research Direction: Painting and Northwest Prehistoric Culture and Art.

Main Courses: Sketch, Color, Human Sketch, Foundation of Shape Modeling, Anatomy, Perspective, Traditional Chinese Painting, etc.

Projects Presided over and participated:

From 2007 to now, as the project captain, he has presided over and completed the research on the renovation and binding technology of ancient calligraphy and paintings, the design and development of modern decorative frame pattern and text, and the visual image design and development project of Northwest Yongxin Group.He has done the independent completion of Lanzhou High-tech Development Zone Local Taxation Bureau wall relief design and development, Gansu rock painting status survey and research projects.

Exhibition experience:

The First National Small Works Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition

Gansu Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition on the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

Gansu Calligraphy Works Exhibition in the New Century.

Golden Camel Award in the First Art Exhibition of Gansu Province

Second Prize of the First Education System Painting and Calligraphy Competition in Gansu Province

Exhibition of Excellent Art Works in Gansu Province for 30 Years’ Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up

Works included in the Long Volume of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting in the Flourishing Age

Individual winners:

Golden Camel Award in the First Art Exhibition of Gansu Province

Second Prize of the First Education System Painting and Calligraphy Competition in Gansu Province

Advanced Individuals of Three Educational Aspects in Lanzhou University

Published papers and monographs:

In 2008, On the Formation of Differences between Chinese Painting and Oil Painting was published in the Journal of Lanzhou University Science (CSSCI Journal)

In 2011, Prehistoric Rock Painting being a Text Remaining of Pattern Exchange was published in Journal of Northwest University (CSSCI)

In 2012, Can Calligraphy Art Creation Be Independent of Chinese Characters --- Discussing the Present Situation and Future of Calligraphy was Published in Gansu Social Sciences (CSSCI Journal)

In 2012, On the Application of Ethnic Minority Visual Elements in Modern Art Design was published in Social Science Vertical and Horizontal

In 2013, Problems and Solutions in the Protection and Development of Art Resources in Gansu Province was published in Gansu Social Sciences (CSSCI Journal)

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