zhang yangsheng


Zhang Yangsheng, male, born in 1978, master, is internationally renowned visual design artist and serves as the lecturer of the Visual Communication Design Teaching and Research Office.

Education and work:

In October 2005, he established Shanghai Nuojin Culture Communication Company, LTD and built Tiger Fashion with Shanghai Huba International Trade Company, LTD and other companies in March 2014.

In May 2014, he founded Shanghai Zhang Yangsheng Creative Design Company, LTD as a research platform artistic creation and creative design.

In 2015, he graduated from Lanzhou University with a master’s degree.

In May 2016, he served as the life aesthetics co-founder of Taihuoniao Aesthetics Technology Investment and Incubation Platform.

Since September 2016, he has worked at The Arts Academy, Lanzhou University.

Research Fields:

Courses offered: Interactive Media Design, CG Design, Digital Graphic Design, CIS Design

Research Fields: He has been committed to academic and practical research on the visual arts design, and accumulated a wealth of commercial design experience. He has served a lot of excellent brands and enterprises home and abroad, including Ports, Shanshan, Shanghai Tang, Langsha, People Ele. Appliance Group, Supor, Longfor Properties, Qigang, SHIATZY CHEN、PINKO、roberto cavalli、Patrizia Pepe、LIUJO, etc.


In 2012, he won Red Dot Design Award.

In 2013, he won Red Dot Design Award.

In 2014, he won IF Design Award.

In 2015, he won two Red Dot Design Awards.

In 2015, his work was selected into German Design Award.

In 2016, he won IF Design Award.

In 2018, he won three IF Design Awards.

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