Professor Ruihua Chen of Michigan State University visited our university

At the invitation of the Academy of Arts, Professor Ruihua Chen, Director of Chinese Ancient and Modern Studies at Michigan State University and Consultant of the Association of Chinese and Western Community Universities, visited our university. On May 19, Professor Chen Ruihua held a symposium with teachers and graduate students of Art College in Conference Room 202 of Yifu Science Museum on Chinese and Western art culture and art education.

Professor Chen Ruihua and the teachers and students of Art College talked freely about the necessity of strengthening humanistic education including art education in Vocational Education of our country. Starting from "Six Arts", he discussed the important role and status of humanistic education and art education in the process of human growth. Then, with his profound knowledge and multi-disciplinary accumulation, he expounded the relationship between logic and innovation, and emphasized the self-creation of art. Openness of the body. Subsequently, through the origin and evolution of Chinese characters, he explained the powerful information storage function of Chinese characters. Through the explanation of the origin and evolution of Chinese characters, he further extended the root of cultural differences between China and the West. Finally, combining with the characteristics of art education, Professor Chen Ruihua put forward the argument that "art education should focus on inspiration", and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with college teachers and students.

During the symposium, the head of the Academy of Arts and Professor Chen Ruihua reached a preliminary consensus on further strengthening academic exchanges and art visits between the two sides.

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