Chen Hui


Chen Hui, female, Han ethnic group, from Tongliang, Chongqing, Master, Master Supervisor, teaching fellow of Laboratory of Instrumental Music, Institute of Music Studies, member of Cello Academy, Chinese Musicians' Association, member of World Folk Music Academy, Chinese Musicians' Association.

1998-2002: Scholar of Musicology at School of Music, Northwest Normal University.

2012-2015: Master of Music Theory of Musicology at School of Arts, Lanzhou University.

Teaching at the School of Art of Lanzhou University since 2002.

Education and research field:

Research field: Cello performing, study on music theory.

Courses offered: cello, history of Chinese music, world folk music, basic knowledge of music.


2002: Chinese national dance drama “Dream of Dunhuang”, performed by Lanzhou Opera House;

2003: Large-scale opera A Song to the Sun, performed by Battle Chorus of Lanzhou Military Region, in the 8th Chinese Opera Festival;

New Year’s concert performances performed by Gansu Choir, Gansu Song and Dance Theater and other symphony orchestras, and Touring Performances to Shaanxi province, Qinghai province and other provinces;

2005: the first Chamber Music Concert of LZU;

2010: Special Cello Solo Concert for majors of cello performing;

2011: Toward to the Sun, a large-scale symphony for the 90th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, performed in Gansu province.

2011:  managing director of Chitra, a large-scale music and dance epic in the China-India cultural exchange programme "In Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of Tagore's Birth", co-sponsored by Lanzhou University and Indian Embassy;

Touring performances in different parts and universities of China since she has joined “Buddhist Sound “ Chamber Orchestra in 2012;

2014: Songs and fresco in Dunhuang, performed by Gansu Song and Dance Theater;

2015: Notes Dancing on Your Fingertips, a special concert for the quartet performed by teaching fellows of School of Arts, LZU;

2015: the 3rd Northwest Arts Festival, with Gansu Song and Dance Theater;

2015: Introduing Classic Art into Campus -- Chinese Traditional Orchestra Performance, given by  Gansu Song and Dance Theater.


2002: Top 10 of professional cello performing in Rookies’ Competition in Northwest China;

2004: the third prize of instruments performing in Rookies’ Competition;

2008: Outstanding Teacher Award in Youth China Talents Competition;

2012: Best Direction in the selection of Flourishing China China Youth Art Talents;

2014: the first prize in String Quartet Class of Hong Kong International Strings Open Competition in Gansu Division;

2015: the second prize in String Quartet Class of the final of Gansu Music and Dance Talent Competition.

 Awards got by students:

2008: Dai Yimeng won the honorable mention in the 3rd Gansu Instrumental Music Competition.

2008: Ren Xiaojing won the first prize in Youth China Talent Competition.

2012: Ren Xiaojing won the second prize of cello performing in Strings Class of the 5th Love China Art Exchanges in Gansu Division.

2012: Ren Xiaojing won silver award of instruments performing in University Class of the final of Flourishing China China Youth Art Talents Competition.

2013: Su Jin won the first prize in Strings Class of World Chinese Youth Art festival.

2015: Li Tong won the third prize in Cello Class of the final of Gansu Music and Dance Talent Competition.

2015: Li Tong won the third prize of Cello performing in Youth China -- Gansu Youth Talent Competition.


Reflections on the Adjustment of Artistic Accomplishment Courses in Universities under the New Curriculum Standards, Journal of Northwest Adult Education, April, 2010.

Features of Cello Performance “Sketch of Hua’er hui”, Musical Instrument, August, 2011.

Emotional Construction of Students Majoring in Strings in Elective Courses of Vocal Music, Gansu Literary World, January, 2011.

Thoughts on Improving Performance through Singing, Journal of Northwest Adult Education, March, 2011.

A Brief Discussion on the Phenomenon of Transplantation in Erhu Music, Flying to the Sky, September/October Issue, 2012.

Strategic Research on the Construction of Cultural Ecology of Yugu People’s Folk Songs (the second author), Journal of northwest Minzu university, April, 2013.

Science of Music Performing and Scientific Performance, Journal of Jiamusi Education Institute, January, 2013.

Features of the Development of Chinese String Quartet, Journal of the Northwest Adult Education, June, 2014.

Practice of Cello Performing, Prose Hundred, July, 2015.

Academic conferences and activities:

2010: the 4th National “World Ethnomusicology Forum”, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing;

2012: the 6th annual conference of China Academy of Rhythm Studies, the 7th Seminar, Northwest Minzu University;

2015: the 1st Viola International Art Festival of Xi’an Conservatory of Music, Xi’an Conservatory of Music, Xi’an;

2015: the 2nd Cello Art Festival of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai.

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