Dong Miao


Dong Miao, female, Han ethnic group, born in Rongcheng, Shandong province, member of CPC, Master Supervisor, master, accordion teacher at the Institute for Music Studies.

She studied after associate Professor Liu Jiangtao at the School of Art of Lanzhou University from 2005 to 2009, and obtained her bachelor’s degree. From 2009 to 2012, she studied after Professor Semyonov and Lecturer Sherivanov at Gnessin State Musical College of Russia, and obtained her master’s degree there. She has been working as a teacher at the School of Art of Lanzhou University since 2013.

Education and Research Fields:

Research direction: Music performance

Courses offered: Accordion, benjen

Personal Awards:

In 2011, she won the third prize of benjen in the youth group in the 2nd International Olympic Art Festival;

In July 2001, she won the third prize in junior instrument group of Gansu Division in China Youth Art New Talent Competiton;

In February 2004, she won the third prize of the accordion performance in Gansu Youth Culture and Art Festival;

In June 2004, she won the third prize of accordion in the professional group of Gansu division in the 10th National New Talent Competition held by Gansu Provincial Federation of Literature and Art ;

In September 2005, she won the first prize of accordion in youth professional group in the Dandelion Youth Excellent New Talent Art Selection;

In May 2009, she won the third prize of accordion in college students group in the 2nd "Haizhou Cup" Gansu Campus Instrumental Music Competition.

Awards got by her students:

In 2013, Xi Wenyuan won the first prize in the instrument group in China Youth Talent Competition;

In 2013, Zhou Quan won the first prize in Gansu division in the the 5th “Youth Style" China Radio, Film and Television Art Talent Exhibition and Promotion activity.


A Brief Analysis on the Embodiment of Classical Music in Chinese and Russian Culture. 2012.

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