Yang Feiyun


Yang Feiyun was born in the suburb of Baotou City, Inner Mongolia in 1954. After graduation in 1982, he taught in the Department of Stage Art of the Central Academy of Drama and was transferred to the Chinese Academy of Art in 2005. In 2011, he was awarded the "Chinese Arts and Literature Award" by the Ministry of Culture as an outstanding artist. Now he is the president of the Chinese Oil Painting Institute of the Chinese Academy of Art and the tutor of doctoral students. He is also the director of China Artists Association, deputy director of Oil Painting Arts Committee of China Artists Association, vice chairman of Chinese Oil Painting Society, vice chairman of Beijing Artists Association, visiting professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts, and deputy to the Eleventh National People's Congress. In October 2007, he was employed as a part-time professor in the College of Art, Lanzhou University.

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